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A great discovery for all kinds of electronics – a better, safer solution than any contact cleaner – does more and does it more safely.

  • Nonflammable
  • Fights oxidation
  • Keeps working for years

With a dielectric strength of 39,000 volts, CorrosionX is ideal for protecting all electrical connections in diverse environmental conditions and enhancing connectivity. Many electrical contractors, from small shops to major utilities have come to rely on CorrosionX as a major defence against costly repairs.

CorrosionX displaces moisture and existing corrosion, cleans contact points and improves connectivity.

Electronic Connection Correction

  • Penetrates through oxidation to bond with the clean metal underneath.
  • Displaces any existing corrosion and surface debris – right down to the molecular level – to provide unprecedented cleaning for an immaculate connection.

Electronic Connection Perfection

  • With just one molecular layer bonded to each contact surface, CorrosionX has only 0.1 ohm resistance.

Electronic Connection Protection

  • CorrosionX protection can stay in place for months in harsh, outdoor saltwater spray environments or for years on indoor gear.

In addition to being a preventative DEFENSE, CorrosionX will often RESTORE electrical circuits that have failed due to corrosion in wiring connections, motor windings and terminals. From costly avionics and automotive circuits to household appliances and cell phones, there are regular “miracles” being performed with a simple application and a little bit of time.

Saves Money and Downtime
This television is operating immersed in CorrosionX

Here’s why: This demonstrates dramatically that CorrosionX is harmless to components found in electronic devices — not even the speaker is harmed after more than a year of immersion. Since CorrosionX actually stops and neutralizes corrosion, water-damaged equipment can frequently be restored to use.

A true experience…

“When we started out into the remainder of Hurricane Gordon, the helm windshield wiper froze, reducing wheelhouse visibility to nil. I took the cover off the unit and doused it with CorrosionX Marine, put it back together, turned it on and it worked. A partially-opened port swiftly made our television a piece of saltwater junk. I took the cover off, doused it with your product. That night, I plugged in the television and miraculously watched the weather telling me that Gordon had fled back South.”

Tad Woodhull of Downeast Aero Marine in Owl’s Head, Maine

How an Almost Perfect Conductor can be an Almost Perfect Insulator

CorrosionX bonds with an underlying metal conductor as a Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) that is just one molecule thick (0.0004″); when you place two such treated conductors in contact with each other, the resistance between them is only about 0.1 Ohm. So why doesn’t it short out adjacent conductors? A separation of even just a fraction of a millimeter is so many molecules wide that it exhibits a resistance beyond the billions of Ohms that our instrumentation can measure. In practical terms, it’s an insulator.

Here’s how you can use CorrosionX to safely protect your PC, home entertainment and gaming gears, electronics in your car and boat, electronic speed control (ESC), outdoor light fixtures… and more!

  • Inside the case, wipe onto or into PCI card fingers and slots, memory card fingers and slots, SATA drive connections, DC power connections, fan connectors and header pins
  • Outside the case, wipe to apply to USB sockets, audio connectors, external drive connectors and the AC power connector
  • Dip PC cable ends into CorrosionX and wipe off excess with a soft cloth

  • Dip audio and video cable ends, lightly wipe, plug in and remove to treat mating connection, then wipe once more before reinserting
  • Wipe onto speaker screw connectors to eliminate dissimilar metal oxidation when connecting speaker wires
  • Use on antenna connectors
  • Use a swab to apply to remote control battery contacts

  • Dip and wipe console connectors
  • Use a swab to apply to battery contacts on remotes and wireless controllers

  • Spray onto battery posts
  • Wipe onto accessory plugs that go into the lighter socket
  • Dip and wipe connector ends of cables to navigators, charging cradles and other accessories
  • CorrosionX is also a great lubricant and protectant: Wet your car and boat keys with CorrosionX, insert into each lock and remove, then wipe off excess

  • Spray the socket and wipe the metal bulb base to prevent corrosion rust-locking the bulb to the socket
  • Spray onto electrical plugs of holiday lighting displays

  • Wipe onto flashlight battery contacts
  • Restore connections damaged by leaky batteries
  • Wipe onto jointed tools like pliers
  • Spray into air tools
  • Use on electronics musical instrument connections
  • Wipe onto garage door opener battery contacts
  • Wipe onto contacts of camera batteries and memory cards


Customer Reference
Jardine Water Works supplies water to the city of Chicago. Many of their electronics reside in a concrete bunker beneath Lake Michigan and experienced severe condensation problems. They had to replace components every 6 months. Now they just apply CorrosionX every 6 months.

Restored electrical connections in automobile

Let me thank you for introducing me to your Corrosion X product. Recently I had an electrical issue with my 1990 Honda Accord. When I would go to start the car, all power to the car was gone. A dead short. Upon a little advice from a mechanic friend, I went through the electrical connections from the battery to positive and the same to the negative. I have to say that the connections were a little dirty but nothing real bad. I also went through each connection and sprayed the Corrosion X product on each also. HAVE NOT HAD A PROBLEM SINCE. I have to say “thank you” as your can of Corrosion X saved me no less than a $200.00 repair bill. You think I’m a happy customer, you bet I am. Again, thank you so much.

Tom Kamm

Revived mobile phone submerged in water

A Canadian customer told us of hiking in British Columbia. At one point his wife realized her cell phone was missing. The man retraced his steps and found the phone about 1/4 mile back submerged in a stream they’d crossed earlier. He took the phone to their cabin and treated it with CorrosionX that afternoon. Then he set it above his mantle. the next morning it was fine. (Obviously, CorrosionX cannot repair a short, where water has interfered in a live circuit, but it can clear out any corrosion and other contaminates, leaving clean, functioning contacts.)

Restored electronics in boat

I convinced my friend to buy a can of CorrosionX prior to sailing from the Northwest to New Zealand with his wife. He stowed it on board, but didn’t use it. Somewhere near the Solomon Islands, they encountered a typhoon. At one point, with him on deck shouting something down to his wife in the cabin, a wave broke over his back and swamped the cabin, knocking out 100% of their electronics. Fearing for their lives at the mercy of the storm, my friend grabbed the CorrosionX. “What could it hurt” he said and opened up his gear, spraying everything liberally. Within a few minutes, 90% of their electronics was operational.


Saved $1,600 in a circuit board
“…the electronics shop called and said my Furno Radar unit was salt damaged beyond repair and a new $1,600 circuit board would be required. The old circuit board was streaked with salt deposits and the plating and terminals were black with corrosion. Rather than throwing the old board out, I decided to give CorrosionX a try.

That night, my daughter and I scrubbed all the circuit board with a toothbrush and CorrosionX. The next morning after reassembly and installment, the radar performed as new!!”

Bill Bryant, 46′ Hatteras Moonshadow

Saved a water damaged radio
“I took it apart and sprayed CorrosionX onto the logic boards and PA stage, waited for about 10 minutes and reassembled the [water damaged] radio. When rf checks were performed on the radio, it was on spec and it worked… We definitely must order some more, it’s magic.”

Allen Sonnekus, Ports of Auckland, New Zealand

Saved $2,000 worth of camera equipment
“… six months earlier, when I had lost more than $2,000 worth of camera equipment to an ocean wave that broke into my camera bag, I immediately had express-shipped the totally conked-out gear to Nikon Professional Services, which had eventually shipped it all back with the cryptic notation: “Not economically feasible to repair.” … so I just squirted CorrosionX into and upon the electronic contacts, around the lenses, and inside the camera, and wherever else I could squirt. Long story short – every single piece of the stuff revived well enough to use again…. All I know is that if you have a corrosion problem – which is to say if you live in Southwest Florida – you should have CorrosionX.”

Byron Stout at Sports, The News-Press, Fort Myers, FL

Protected avionics and electronics on float plane
As I manned the CorrosionX booth at the Washington State Aviation Conference in Puyallup, a pilot approached me, very excited. He told me that his float plane had sunk! When they retrieved it, they did a full CorrosionX treatment. (We atomize the product throughout the airframe, including all electronics.) He said all the avionics and electronics worked the first time after treatment. It had been just over a year and at the annual inspection there was NO DETECTABLE CORROSION anywhere in the frame.

Steve Watt

CorrosionX is like having a genie in a can. On the RV, batteries and charging systems have always been a headache – until we found CorrosionX. With several years of experience with this product, I can recommend it to my friends with confidence that they will be amazed and thankful. CorrosionX does everything it’s advertised to do and more.”

GB, Ingram, TX

Restored a TV damaged by saltwater
“A partially opened port swiftly made this TV a piece of saltwater covered junk. You told me that your show demo was a TV set operating immersed in CorrosionX, so, I took the cover off this piece of saltified junk, doused it with your product, put it in a locker and went back to work. That night I put on the inverter, plugged in the TV and miraculously watched the weather telling me that [hurricane] Gordon had fled back south.”

Tad Woodhull, Downeast Aero Marine