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CorrosionX is also the indispensible all-in-one solution for hobbyists.
It is particularly popular amongst ESC enthusiasts.




CorrosionX is the ideal product to guard against rust and corrosion on electronic speed control (ESC), remote control, fishing gear, in-line skates, skateboards, bicycles and other sporting equipment. It polar bonds to metal and won’t allow rust to start even in the rain. Guns and knives won’t rust and mechanisms will work smoother without jamming.

Starting with the revolutionary CorrosionX core Polar Bonding technology which displaces moisture, stops corrosion instantly and provides long-lasting protection, we have added a package of extreme pressure additives to make products specifically engineered for hobbyists – ReelX and SpeedX.



ReelX makes your fishing reels achieve their ultimate performance. The choice of top reel manufacturers worldwide, ReelX provides the same corrosion protection as CorrosionX while keeping reels optimally lubricated for longer, smoother casts. Just a touch on moving parts improves reel performance dramatically.

“I try every new product for my fishing gear that comes along and am usually disappointed-until now. ReelX is, without a doubt, the best lubricant and protectant I have ever used. Its performance on stainless steel bearings in saltwater is truly amazing. With ReelX, my casts are dramatically longer, gears run quieter and smoother and corrosion is no longer a problem.”

Bill Mosseller, Captain, Guide and Consultant to the Industry


SpeedX is formulated especially to increase the speed of bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades. It thrives under heavy loads and high temperatures, penetrates into sealed bearings and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability. Regular applications of SpeedX will keep bicycle chains, sprockets and derailers operating at peak efficiency free of rust.


Improved Sprocket Efficiency

“When I first treated the chain, I noticed it was quieter and smoother. The shifting was more responsive and accurate, which is important when you’re in a race. SpeedX also keeps the chain from rusting when it gets wet.”

Rick Tinney, Cajun Cyclists Bicycle Racing Team


Customer Reference
“I takeoff and land electric RC airplanes on water. Some of those maneuvers weren’t perfect so resulted in water getting into the electronics. After losing 2 speed controllers to water, bought some CorrosionX. Sprayed into ALL the electronics (receiver, servos and speed controller) and now they will run completely submerged. 100 times better than any competition.”

A Shane – Little Rock, AR USA

“I repaired a servo, a complete restoration of an electrical circuit board in the servo using CorrosionX, Brilliant, saved $40 for a new one. Also used Corrosion X to remove the rust on the bearings in the goose-neck and Jib attachment. It removed and freed both good as new. What a Brilliant product!”

Veteran and Guru Hobbiest Colin Vauvert

“I have been using CorrosionX and ReelX for the past few years both on the job and in my hobbies. They are the best lubricants and rust preventative I have ever used. They save me time and money, and they make life a little easier. Thank you.”

Joseph B – USA

“Superb Product!! After years of suft fishing, I was considering replacing my outfit. CorrosionX arrived just in time. After disassembling my reel and coating each part with CorrosionX, it operates as if I just bought it off the shelf. It’s also great at quieting hinges, whether on a car or in a house.”

RB, Jacksonville, FL.

Fastest lap ever
I just tried SpeedX on my slot car. With no other modification, my lap time dropped by nearly a tenth of a second, enabling me to post the fastest lap ever at my local track!

Tim Kern, Aero-News Network

Go Faster
“I’ve tried them all when it comes to slick stuff and SpeedX blows ’em all away. I’ve never gone so fast!”

Chas Hovitz, Dallas, TX

Break Records
“I just tried SpeedX on my slot car. With no other modification, my lap time dropped by nearly a tenth of a second, enabling me to post the fastest lap ever at my local track!”

Tim Kern, Aero-News Network