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Rust rears its ugly head everywhere and our home is not spared.

CorrosionX with its breakthrough Polar Bonding technology displaces moisture instantly, stops corrosion and provides long-lasting protection and lubrication to keep the hardware, gadgets and equipment in your home in good working order.


Use CorrosionX to:

  • unseize frozen bolts and nuts
  • protect and lubricate:
    – sliding tracks on aluminum doors and windows
    – locks, hinges esp those on gates exposed to the weather
    – lawn and gardening tools and implements
    – garage door systems


  • Protect:
    – screws, nuts and bolts and metal parts of furniture and furnishing
    – heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and fans
    – locks, rheostats, hinges, powertools, kitchen appliances
  • plus many other uses around the house.
CorrosionX released the frozen tap and window latch within minutes of application.household-beforeafter


The best lubricant, penetrant and do-everything product:
“Move over *WD40®, you’ve been replaced in our household with CorrosionX! I can’t believe how long one application lasts on hinges, locks, battery terminals, and garage door systems. It’s the best lubricant, penetrant and do-everything product I’ve ever used.”

JW, Kerrville, TX

State of the art marine protection:
“I’ve been using CorrosionX several months around the house, on the car and on my J24 sailboat. CorrosionX has proved to be the best penetrant and lubricant I have ever used. A 22 year old badly rusted faucet came apart with ease. Corrosion, oxidation and electrolysis stop when CorrosionX is applied. Definitely state of the art in marine protection and lubrication.”

BM, South Pasadena, FL

CorrosionX took all the rust spots off:
“CorrosionX works…we used it on several rust spots, even though we had to work some over with a wire brush, CorrosionX took all the rust spots off my guns and pickup. We also used CorrosionX on door hinges, nuts and bolts and even motorcycle chains. I am very pleased with the product.”

FH, Flagler Beach, FL

One of our users account how CorrosionX saved his computer and thousands of dollars on repairs:

  • Our gas stove electronic igniter quit…I coated the terminals and it has worked fine since.
  • Our stern light flickered ON & OFF and burned up bulbs…I coated the terminals and it has worked fine since.
  • Our son’s low voltage halogen recessed ceiling lights were working poorly and burning out bulbs.  We think they got wet before they were installed.  We disassembled the fixtures and coated the terminals…all 35 fixtures have worked perfectly since.
  • Our other son’s swimming pool heater stopped working…the pool company wanted a minimum of $850 and as much as $3,000 to repair.I opened the inspection cover and coated each wire terminal connection…it has worked perfectly since.

  • An engineer friend was skeptical so I gave her a small amount.  Her husband’s portable DVD player had stopped working. She disassembled the player, coated the switch contacts and it has worked perfectly since.
  • Our fresh water pressure pump began to act abnormally, cutting on/off at the wrong times. I disassembled the pressure switch, coated everything with CorrosionX and it has worked perfectly since.
  • Today, my wife’s $5 calculator which is over 30 years old stopped working.  She said that I MUST fix it…I said it was only a few dollars to replace…she said that I MUST fix it. I disassembled the calculator and coated the key contacts with CorrosionX…It is working again, perfectly!