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Kills Rust and Corrosion • Safe on Electronics • World’s Greatest Lubricant, Penetrant and Anti-Seize

Ships, boats, trailers and dockside equipment exposed to salt water are prone to corrosion and electrical failures. These problems disrupt service and require time consuming and costly repairs.

Designed with and for the United States Navy CorrosionX meets the US Navy tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement (MIL-PRF-81309H) and is used extensively by the military, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

CorrosionX uses breakthrough Polar Bonding technology that provides economical and long-lasting protection. Besides providing effective preventative maintenance, the four-in-one mission critical product also penetrates to quickly release parts seized by rust, lubricates and is safe on electronics.

CorrosionX with its Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) Technologies:

    • • repels water
    • • does not dissipate quickly or wash off in harsh saltwater environments
    • • creeps through tight crevices to reach and protect inaccessible nooks and cavities.
    • • eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces. It keeps stainless steel from pimpling and protects hatches, hulls, bridge decks, chain drives, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges and latches.
    • • Its non-flammable and is safe to use in hot engine rooms.

CorrosionX is also the best lubricant you can use for maritime applications. It does not attract dust and outperforms lubricants fortified with PTFE.

Marine electronics (even cell phones) that have succumbed to corrosion through mild or extreme exposure, are often restored through the use of CorrosionX. If the contact points are not etched too deeply, the rust will dissipate and full functionality will return.

Use CorrosionX on:

        • Engines, generators
        • Motors
        • Deck hardware
        • Throttle cables
        • Steering mechanisms
        • Seat swivels
        • Locks, hinges and latches
        • Travelers
        • Chains and pulleys, wiring harnesses
        • Bearings
        • Hatches, furling systems, winches, windlasses, cleats
        • Tracks
        • Alloy gears that would benefit from lubrication
        • Rusted parts to un-seized them

Due to its extraordinary dielectric properties, when applied, CorrosionX extends the lifespan and reliability of:

        • All battery terminals
        • Terminal strips
        • Ignition switches
        • Relays
        • Electronics
        • Electrical connectors and plugs
        • Switchboards
        • Radios and antennas
        • Radar
        • Circuit breakers
        • Fuse holders
        • Light switches and sockets
        • Blower motors
        • Fans

Cobalt Boats gives a can of CorrosionX to every new owner operating in saltwater.
The following is a quote from their Owner Letter:

“Since we recognize that your purchase of a Cobalt Boat was a major financial decision, we want you to be happy about your choice for years to come. After consulting with our dealers and operators throughout the country, we found that regular applications of a product called CorrosionX will keep your boat operating at peak efficiency, free of corrosion.”

They then list 18 areas where they recommend the application of CorrosionX:

        • Rails
        • Stanchions
        • Cleats
        • Metal Fixtures on Deck
        • Cables
        • Steering Mechanisms
        • Locks
        • Hinges
        • Sliding Tracks

        • Engine
        • Engine Mounts
        • Hydraulic Cylinder Shafts
        • Bilge Pump Housing
        • Through Hull Fittings
        • Electrical Connections
        • Bulb Sockets
        • Fuse Panel
        • Antenna Bases

When Bill and Judy sailed into Singapore in January 2011, he bought CorrosionX from us!

“Our PC computer at the Navigation Station began to go to a “Blue Screen of Death.” At first, once a week; then daily… I wrote a cruising friend who was a retired IT guy for a recommendation on a new computer… He wrote back with several new computer recommendations and also said, “Whenever I buy a new PC or laptop for the boat, I completely take it apart. Using a small brush, I coat the circuit board and all of the terminals, such as hard drive connectors, etc. with CorrosionX.” He said that the life-expectancy doubles when he does this. I thought, wow, I have some CorrosionX, I have a bad computer…what have I got to lose? That was 2 years ago and the computer is now over 6 years old and still working perfectly. A $12 pump bottle of stuff saved me $1,200! This was the beginning of my story on CorrosionX.

Since my computer fix, I have repaired many electric and electronic items saving thousands of dollars. I have recommended CorrosionX to others and they have experienced the same miracles. Here are a few of the more notable examples: read more

Bill Rouse, full-time cruisers

Capt. Rick Barbarossa of Red Beard Yacht Systems, Huntington Beach, California (also a contributing editor for Dockside Magazine), best summed up the remarkable performance of CorrosionX when he wrote in the January 1996 Issue:

“Through the years I have tried countless protectant-lubricant-penetrant products. Many have worked OK, but I’ve finally found one that really does the job. It’s called CorrosionX, and it has become a permanent fixture in my tool bag. I constantly service corroded electrical systems, seized motor shafts and all sorts of boat components that have fallen prey to the elements. I need a product that works as advertised and will keep working after I’m gone. CorrosionX does both.”
“CorrosionX seems to be an excellent product for any electrical application. Spray it on plug wires in your boat motor or davits. It makes your lines run smoother as a lubricant and for salt-water fishermen it will not allow any salt buildup on your equipment.”

Donald E. Hill, Oklahoma City, OK.

As you know, I was reluctant to try your new CorrosionX Marine you sent me for testing because I was pleased with your other product. I couldn’t believe the difference – especially on the spinnaker pole and fitting. CorrosionX Marine has been applied only once several months ago and the spinnaker pole has operated flawlessly since then – without “Gumming up”. I like your product.

John Barrett – Kemah, Texas

I recently used CorrosionX on an outboard marine engine that had been sitting for a while and was completely frozen up. We had tried another product with no success, but within 15 minutes after spraying CorrosionX into the spark plug holes, we were able to turn the motor a little. About 15 minutes later, after working it in, we were actually able to start the motor! The following day were able to go for a ride. Your product is truly incredible. I just sent in an order so that I can try some of your other products. Thanks for a great product!

Bill C – USA


CorrosionX Heavy Duty


Double the life span of a swing bridge cable submerged under saltwater

A swing bridge in Sergeant, Texas, operated by Texas Dept. of Transportation requires two 5/8″ x 600′ cables to open and close. Approximately 200′ of cable is submerged under saltwater when the bridge is closed.

Due to rapid deterioration, the cables need to be replaced every 57 days on average.

Solution: The entire cable was first treated with CorrosionX and then CorrosionX Heavy Duty.

Results: The cable lasted 132 days and was replaced because of fatigue, not rust.


Launching Tractor
          • Situation: A tractor pulls drives a commercial boat trailer through mud and into salt water twice a day on the west coast of New Zealand and is then stored outdoor.
          • Problem: This caused severe rust and lubrication problems on the three point linkages, electrical connections and the winch.
          • Solution: The entire tractor was sprayed with CorrosionX HD. To inhibit corrosion, the HD is topped up about every eight months where the tractor is submerged and once a year on all other parts.


Saltwater Corrosion of Boat Trailer
            • Problem:  The leaf springs on the submersible trailers of a Sailing Club in New Zealand rusted within three years, making the boat rides bumpy,  causing embarrassment on the regattas and finally failed.
            • Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied to the trailer springs, some already rather rusty, to stop the rust and gave the boats a smooth ride. the HD coating on the springs is topped up once a year at minimal cost.


Stops Saltwater Corrosion of trailer and electrical connections

Diesel Fuel Filtering, an Alameda, CA based company filters and purifies diesel fuel for boats at anchor.

It operates a 26′ boat transported on a tandem-axle trailer. Both boat and trailer are in and out of saltwater every day, resulting in severe rust and corrosion of the trailer. Saltwater attacked terminals and connections and caused problems with electrical systems.

Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied to springs, electrical connections, winch and other areas on the trailer susceptible to corrosion.

Results: Mr. Robert Sherman, owner of the company, wrote:

“CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied about two months ago and, as of this date, the barrier coat is still visible and apparently stopping further saltwater corrosion. A welcomed side benefit is the lubricating property – the trailer springs no longer squeak.”

Savings: Undetermined but significant, according to Mr. Sherman. As he stated, “It’s obvious the trailer will have much greater longevity.”



Fishing Trawler Shackles
            • Situation:  Massive shackles used on the back of fishing trawlers working in the roaring forties in strong westerly winds and rough seas.
            • Problem:  The shackles often rust in a matter of days. As fresh fish is handled in the boat, kerosene-based lubricants could not be used while other lubricants would quickly wash out and fail to prevent rust.
            • Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was introduced and resolved the lubrication problem and provide long term rust protection.


Aquarium shark cage
          • Situation:  The winch operating the shark cage sunk into the large salt water Aquarium was rusting on a regular basis.
          • Problem: Standard greases and traditional rust inhibitors could not be used because of their toxicity.
          • Solution: CorrosionX HD was applied to resolve the problem. CorrosionX HD is not only a superb lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. It is also approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for such applications. Even if some product gets into the Aquarium, there would be no harm to the aquatic life.




RejeX was originally developed to meet the requirements of the U.S. military corrosion prevention and control programs to prevent jet turbine exhaust from damaging paint and causing corrosion on the aluminum skins on military aircraft.

RejeX is a non-porous, thin-film polymer coating with a high-release protective finish that common contaminants can’t stick to. Diesel exhaust, dried fish blood, bird droppings, hard water and mineral stains are all easily removed and cannot penetrate the RejeX coating to harm your boat. RejeX is also unmatched in its ability to reject damage and oxidation caused by UV exposure.

Today, RejeX used on the US Navy’s largest and most advanced surface ships, corporate jets and Piper Cubs, boats, yachts, elite race cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, tractors, industrial vehicles and minivans.


Zero Oxidation
Pictured on the left, the (then) 4-year-old sailboat has been treated with RejeX once a year since it was new. There is zero oxidation, even though it’s sailed year round – usually in the hot Texas sun.
Named one of the “Top 10 Boat Care Products – Ever”, RejeX should be used instead of wax to protect boats from exposure to the elements. RejeX protects gel coat and marine paint surfaces and provides an incomparable, brilliant, long-lasting, deep shine.


To read the article published in DIY Boat Owner, click here.

Deeper color, brighter reflections

“RejeX makes the metal flake on our show boat look so good – the colors are deeper and the reflections are brighter than anything I’ve ever seen before.”

George Mayer, Plano, TX
MasterCraft 35th Anniversary Homecoming Reunion First Place in Class
Mid American Region Best of Show First Place in Class, and First Place Tow Rig.

Stays Clean

“What makes RejeX stand out from other polishes is not just its ability to keep the boat cleaner longer, but the fact that it works on just about every non-porous surface.” (read more)

Southern Boating

“It seals against most stains, requiring just a splash-down with little or no rubbing. A solution like this is worth the retail price.”

Boating Life

“Lasts longer than any wax job.”

Southern Boating

Other quality boat care products

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