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Made in the USA, CorrosionX Aviation is qualified under MIL-PRF-81309H Type II for corrosion prevention and control on airframes. It is used extensively by the military and approved by major airframe manufacturers, Boeing (Part No.: RMO 16679), Pratt & Whitney Part (No.: PWC15-011) and Cessna (Spec: CSNPO38, Type 9A).

CorrosionX Aviation  is  recommended by the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft (JCAA), whose tests proved it to be more than twice as effective as any other product in its class.

All CorrosionX products and application equipment have been assigned United States National Stock Numbers by, and are available through, the General Services Agency (GSA) and are available for procurement through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

CorrosionX Saves You Money.

According to Army Aviation Magazine, CorrosionX Aviation was applied to half the Black Hawk helicopters and half the Cobras that were bound for a certain desert deployment. Upon refurbishing the aircraft when they returned state-side, each treated helicopter cost an average of $172,000 less to repair corrosion damage than each untreated aircraft. Total saving to the Army was in excess of $4 million.

Under direction of the United States Army, a well-respected private research firm conducted an extensive study on environmental protection of Army aircraft. The conclusion of the study was a recommendation that the Army use CorrosionX to protect all its aircraft. According to the study, first-year savings to the Army would be more than $69 million – on an investment in CorrosionX and Handi-Spray ™ equipment of less than $1 million.

So, whether it’s a Cessna 150 or a C-130, CorrosionX is the product proven in the real world to protect your airplane and preserve your investment. Think of it as the termite exterminator for your aircraft.

“Our unit’s geographic location is equivalent to living on an aircraft carrier and with your product, CorrosionX, we have great success controlling and preventing corrosion on our aircraft… Of all the bases surveyed, Patrick AFB received the highest rating on their Corrosion Control Program:
Outstanding. This team noted the outstanding condition of our unit’s helicopters and commented in their final report that a commercial corrosion preventative compound (CorrosionX) was being misted throughout the structure as a preventative measure with exceptional results.”

Timothy J Tomasko, WS-10 Department of the Air Force

“Properly applied, Corrosion-X with its penetrant, water displacement and corrosion protection properties virtually eliminates the need for operational aircraft electronics dehumidification and its related costs. Profit margin operations such as those of Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. and Chevron Oil who use Corrosion X have eliminated any thoughts of oil rig or flight line dehumidification.”

Environmental Protection of Army Aircraft, Military Scientific Research, American Power Jet Co.

“CorrosionX pretreated UH-60 aircraft vs. untreated UH-60 aircraft resulted in a savings of $152,000 per aircraft for refurbishment — Also, the AH-1 aircraft refurbishments revealed savings of $192,000 per aircraft that were Corrosion-X pretreated.”

Gale Rahmoeller and Jim Roberts, Army Aviation magazine