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Uses & How-To

CorrosionX Uses

Any metal surface that rusts or corrodes is a potential application.
CorrosionX has a proven record since 1988 and has served various sectors in the industry. More importantly, it has been an early advocate of environmental sustainability, helping to protect equipment and assets, extending their life-span thus reducing replacement and wastage.

CorrosionX is widely used in various sectors from marine, industrial, aviation, defence, utilities, transportation, air and sea ports to agriculture, hobby and sporting equipment. It is also a must have for every household.

Literally thousands of uses – whether on air, on land or at sea – in the airplane, factory, ship, auto, firearms, fishing gear, farm, garage or around the home. This multi-functional product does it all.

“I am pleased to inform you that our research engineer has tested your product, CorrosionX, against approximately 20 of the leading anti-corrosion products … and then retested it against a few of the best performers. He found that your product outperformed all the others.”

K.D. Gilbert, President Normex International

How To Apply CorrosionX

Before you apply CorrosionX:

  • Clean debris from the surface to be treated.
  • In areas where heavy rust and loose scale are present, wire brush first.

How CorrosionX is applied depends on the item to be treated and user preference. You can:

  • Spray on to a small to medium surface
  • Use an airless paint sprayer, pump-up sprayer or shop air pressurized system for larger areas like structural components of aircraft. Aircraft treatment centers typically use the Handi-Spray systems
  • Dip or immerse in CorrosionX which is commonly done by remote control hobbyists
  • Wipe down with a cloth on wrought iron fences, stainless grills, fence and gate hardware and small items such as guns and knives

Electronic safe: You can spray CorrosionX directly on electronics without damaging them due to its high-dielectric breakdown strength.

For CorrosionX Heavy Duty, brush it onto the item to be treated or use our Handi-Spray.

For corrosion protection only: Leave the CorrosionX on the metal surface for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess. The CorrosionX will form a thin film on the metal to provide superior corrosion protection.

For both lubrication and corrosion protection: Apply a generous amount of CorrosionX to the metal surface. The CorrosionX will form a thin protective film while the remaining CorrosionX provides excellent lubrication.


  • CorrosionX is best applied at typical ambient temperatures. For safety and optimum lubrication and corrosion protection, CorrosionX should not be applied onto hot surfaces; the maximum application temperature should be under 143°C / 200°F.
  • It should not be sprayed into sparks or open flames.
  • Do not apply to LCDs and membrane switches.
  • Do not apply to friction-operated devices such as belts, clutches, brakes, etc.