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Kills Rust and Corrosion • Extended Water / Weather Resistance • Safe on Electronics

CorrosionX Extended Duty® (also known as CorrosionX XD) is a medium build (thickened) version of CorrosionX®. The higher viscosity offers longer-term resilience against displacement by splash or spray.

CorrosionX XD penetrates existing rust and corrosion, displaces moisture and prevents electrolysis. It leaves a non-hardening, self-healing coating for maximum protection against moisture intrusion, while providing outstanding, long-lasting lubrication for all moving parts.


Two key elements set CorrosionX apart from its competitors.

The revolutionary Polar Bonding ™ technology causes CorrosionX to bond to metal surfaces like a magnet, driving out moisture and stopping rust in its tracks. Resistant to spray, wash off, and heavy friction, it is very difficult to displace.

The innovative, self-healing, Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC™) creates the famous CorrosionX creep, driving the product into the hardest to reach places and providing a massive 78 sq m per liter of coverage, offering tremendous value.


      • Thin film coating has good mobility to creep and penetrate.
      • Self-healing film lubricates under extreme loads and temperatures.
      • Performs on already wet and corroded surfaces.
      • Does not dry or go sticky.
      • Prevents electrolysis (galvanic corrosion) between dissimilar metals.
      • Safe for use on electronics and electrical connections.
      • Lubrication factor of 0.35mm, some 3 times better than engine oil..
      • New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries approved (Class C11)
      • Contains no wax, tar or silicone, and unlike wax coatings, will not dry, harden or crack under stress.
      • Safe on paint, glass, gel coat, wiring insulation, most rubber, plastics and electronics.
      • Does not accumulate dust and dirt like grease does.

CorrosionX XD thin film can be atomized into a smoke-like fog to thoroughly and efficiently treat interior cavities such as air frames and tubular frame structures.

CorrosionX XD is designed to withstand extreme corrosive environments including sulphuric and direct saltwater spray.

CorrosionX XD is tested in ASTM D-877 Dielectric Strength of >32,000V (typ.) .
CorrosionX XD is tested in ASTM B-117 Salt Spray to 450 hours at 3.0 mils film thickness.
CorrosionX XD is tested in ASTM D-4172 Anti-wear Lubrication factor of 0.35mm.

CorrosionX is specified / approved by the leading global manufacturers of industrial equipment, including Caterpillar, Case New Holland & Hyster.



Application: Coat new trailer with CorrosionX XD
Re-application: Simply respray once a year

  • Applications need no preparation, simply leave the boat on the trailer.
  • Works on wet, corroded metal.
  • Stops electrolysis on impact.
  • Not flammable, you can weld over it
  • Safe on electrical and electronics.
  • The best lubricant for winch and steel wires.
  • Drives water away from the metal. Does NOT enclose existing corrosion, but stops and prevents rust/oxidization and electrolysis by “Polar Bonding.”
Customer applications of CorrosionX XD for corrosion protection include:
  • Trucking companies’ trucks and trailers, particularly those regularly exposed to salt water.
  • Exxon Mobil’s fuel tankers and ground mounted fuel assets at Wellington Airport.
  • Heron Construction on backhoe dredgers, tugboats, piling barges and exposed hydraulic fittings.
  • Palfinger on exposed hydraulic fittings and also inside boom sections.

Suggested Applications
Marine: Boat Trailers, Voids and Hollows, Launch Tractors, Gear Levers, Shore Power Connections, Solenoids, Decklights, Long-Term Storage, Thru-Hull Fittings, Valves, Latches, Locks, Fasteners, Tie Downs, Winch Gears and Pawls
Automotive, Truck & RV:Chassis Protection, Fuel Lines/Brake Lines, Under Rocker Panels, Floor Pans, Battery Terminals, Electrical Connectos, Trailer Frames and Springs, C-sections.
Mining: Spare Part Shipping and Storage, Dewatering Gear ,Pump and Shaft Assembly, Un-seizing Bolts in Long Walls, Protecting Electrical Components from Mine Water, Maintenance Preparation.
Industrial & Agricultural: Truck Chassis Protection, Long-Term Parts Storage, Rollers, Conveyers, Fittings, Implement Storage, Hinges, Cables, Locks and Locking Mechanisms, Livestock Trailers, Machinery Winterization.