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Extreme Protection from Rust and Corrosion

CorrosionX Heavy Duty (also widely known as CorrosionX HD) is a high performance thick-film version of CorrosionX. It was developed specifically to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion and the resulting rust and corrosion. Thanks to its Polar Bonding Technology it provides maximum adhesion to steel and extraordinary dielectric abilities isolating the anode and the cathode.

CorrosionX Heavy Duty is dripless and resists displacement or removal by splash, rain, seawater or even pressure washing. It is ideal for long-term protection against serious rust and corrosion assault and in situations where the surface being protected is exposed directly to the elements.

Unlike wax-based corrosion inhibitor barrier coatings, CorrosionX HD will not dry, harden or crack. The coating is self-healing and will slowly penetrate existing rust and corrosion, displacing moisture and corrosion-causing electrolytes.


  • Extreme protection for exposed metal in the most challenging conditions, such as marine, industrial and agricultural applications
  • Long-term water and weather resistance
  • Dripless
  • Tenaciously resists water displacement and washout
  • Will not dry, harden or crack
  • Actively prevents electrolysis and galvanic corrosion
  • Self-healing, resilient film

To learn more about Polar Bonding, please visit our technology page.


Bearing Test

Bearings submerged in sea water for two years.bearingtest

The bearings after ten years.bearingtest

*Note the brown particles are sediments from CorrosionX Heavy Duty.

After a couple of years, the sea water evaporated and the bearings were left in the container to test the longevity of the treatment. The bearing treated with CorrosionX Heavy Duty remained rust-free and works smoothly after 10 years. The Untreated bearings corroded within 24 hours and were seized by rust.

For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture, the answer is CorrosionX Heavy Duty. There is no other product like it on the market today. Pretreat fittings for easy dismantling even years later!

Recommended for use on boat trailers by Field and Stream magazine.

CorrosionX HD is tested in ASTM B-117 salt spray to >2000 hours at 5.5 mils film thickness.


The German Army lab shows 2.000 hours no rust in salt spray cycles of 6.

Dulux international salt spray test proved that no rust formed for 1008 hours in a salt spray bath at 35 degrees Celsius.




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Case Studies
Whatever the application — marine, auto, trailer, agricultural, industrial — CorrosionX Heavy Duty is the best you can buy!

Here are some case studies on the successful application of the product:


Swing Bridge cable
    • Situation: A swing bridge in Sergeant, Texas, operated by Texas Dept. of Transportation requires two 5/8″ x 600′ cables to open and close.
    • Problem: Approximately 200′ of cable which is submerged under saltwater when the bridge is closed deteriorated rapidly and needs to be replaced every 57 days on average.
    • Solution: As the test cable had been in use for two weeks and rust was evident, the entire cable was first treated with CorrosionX prior to applying CorrosionX Heavy Duty.
    • Results: The cable lasted 132 days and was replaced because of fatigue, not rust.


Launching Tractor
    • Situation: A tractor pulls drives a commercial boat trailer through mud and into salt water twice a day on the west coast of New Zealand and is then stored outdoor.
    • Problem: This caused severe rust and lubrication problems on the three point linkages, electrical connections and the winch.
    • Solution: The entire tractor was sprayed with CorrosionX HD. To inhibit corrosion, the HD is topped up about every eight months where the tractor is submerged and once a year on all other parts.


Aquarium shark cage
    • Situation:  The winch operating the shark cage sunk into the large salt water Aquarium was rusting on a regular basis.
    • Problem: Standard greases and traditional rust inhibitors could not be used because of their toxicity.
    • Solution: CorrosionX HD was applied to resolve the problem. CorrosionX HD is not only a superb lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. It is also approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for such applications. Even if some product gets into the Aquarium, there would be no harm to the aquatic life.



Saltwater Corrosion
      • Situation: Diesel Fuel Filtering, an Alameda, CA based company is in the business of filtering and purifying diesel fuel for boats at anchor.
      • Problem: It operates a 26′ boat transported on a tandem-axle trailer. Both boat and trailer are in and out of saltwater on a daily basis, resulting in severe rust and corrosion of the trailer. Problems with electrical systems were common as saltwater attacked terminals and connections.
      • Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied to springs, electrical connections, winch and other areas on the trailer susceptible to corrosion.
      • Results: Mr. Robert Sherman, owner of the company, wrote:“CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied about two months ago and, as of this date, the barrier coat is still visible and apparently stopping further saltwater corrosion. A welcomed side benefit is the lubricating property – the trailer springs no longer squeak.”
      • Savings: Undetermined but significant, according to Mr. Sherman. As he stated,“It’s obvious the trailer will have much greater longevity.”



Fishing Trawler Shackles
      • Situation:  Massive shackles used on the back of fishing trawlers working in the roaring forties in strong westerly winds and rough seas.
      • Problem:  The shackles often rust in a matter of days. As fresh fish is handled in the boat, kerosene-based lubricants could not be used while other lubricants would quickly wash out and fail to prevent rust.
      • Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was introduced and resolved the lubrication problem and provide long term rust protection.


Saltwater Corrosion of Boat Trailer
      • Problem:  The leaf springs on the submersible trailers of a Sailing Club in New Zealand rusted within three years, making the boat rides bumpy,  causing embarrassment on the regattas and finally failed.
      • Solution: CorrosionX Heavy Duty was applied to the trailer springs, some already rather rusty, to stop the rust and gave the boats a smooth ride. the HD coating on the springs is topped up once a year at minimal cost.


Gantry Crane
      • Situation:  An old Gantry Crane runs underneath the roof of a large shed that is used to paint yachts and trucks.
      • Problem:  The sanding dust, sand blast garnet and glass bead-blast clogged up the greased parts like the drive chains and cable winch.
      • Solution: The grease was replaced with CorrosionX HD which does not accumulate dust and garnet. Being a far better lubricant than the grease, the chains also run much better and the winch cable lasts longer.