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Kills Rust and Corrosion • Safe on Electronics • World’s Greatest Lubricant, Penetrant and Anti-Seize
CorrosionX® is the most advanced and effective corrosion prevention compound, lubricant and penetrant in the world! Developed with revolutionary Polar Bonding ™ and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC™) technologies, CorrosionX does far more than merely slow down the corrosion process. It disrupts rust and corrosion on the molecular level; displacing it and preventing it from spreading and provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion on any metal surface.
Due to Polar Bonding, CorrosionX causes common metals and metal alloys such as iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc. to chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum, which are highly resistant to oxidation. CorrosionX also has a dielectric characteristic, so not only is it safe on electronics, CorrosionX shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

Use CorrosionX wherever you want corrosion control without paint or wax coatings. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, gensets and engines a couple of times a year will keeping them looking like new – even in saltwater and coastal environments.

Corrosion X meets the US Navy tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement MIL-PRF-81309H.


CorrosionX is tested in ASTM B-117 salt spray to 96 hours at 0.19 mils film thickness.

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Salt Test

Mild steel panels treated with corrosion inhibitors and then sprayed with seawater daily.  After two months, the CorrosionX panel is the only one that is essentially without corrosion. The spots on the CorrosionX panel are salt crystals.


Timken Bearing Test
Tops the independent Timken Bearing Test

      • Penetrates at 4/10,000 of an inch
      • Leads the pack in independent salt spray tests
      • Dielectric strength of 30,000 volts

Every molecule in CorrosionX is engineered with a positive or negative charge. These aggressively seek and bond to all metal surface molecules, displacing moisture and contaminants to prevent rust.

Yet, unlike solvent based sprays, CorrosionX is non-toxic and non-carconigenic!


Field Test

Conducted by The Earthbound Corporation, Woodinville, Washington, North of Seattle. The company makes clips and tie rods that hold building panels together.

On August 9, 2004 three clips treated with different corrosion inhibitor were placed on the flat roof of an outbuilding.

The first was treated with Dinitrol 30 and the second with Dinitrol 15 (used in automotive anti-corrosion treatment). The third was treated with CorrosionX Heavy Duty.

Results: The clip treated with CorrosionX Heavy Duty remains rust-free.


The photo above shows the results when examined 7 months and 20 days later, following a typical Seattle winter.


Rated #1 For Corrosion Protection
Powerboat Reports magazine

Best Rust Treatment
Practical Sailor magazine


Bearing Test

Bearings submerged in tap water for two years.bearingtest2

The bearings after ten years.

After a couple of years, the tap water evaporated and the bearings were left in the container to test the longevity of the treatment. The bearing treated with CorrosionX remained rust-free and works smoothly after 10 years. The Untreated bearing corroded within 24 hours and were seized by rust.

To learn more about Polar Bonding, please visit our TECHNOLOGY page.

Check out how our customers in the MARINE, INDUSTRIAL and AUTOMOTIVE sectors are benefiting from the use of CorrosionX and how they apply CorrosionX to protect their ELECTRONICS.

The Polar Bonding technology in CorrosionX causes common metals and metal alloys such as iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, to chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum. In other words, as long as CorrosionX is present on metal, it can't rust or corrode!

Polar bonding is the electrostatic attraction of the CorrosionX technology to metal surfaces. The chemistries in CorrosionX have a strong electrochemical attraction to the positive and negative charges on the unprotected metal surfaces. It is this chemical attraction that makes CorrosionX so effective in displacing moisture and in bonding to the metal to provide protection in adverse environments.

CorrosionX also has a dielectric characteristic, so it's safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

Displaces Moisture and Prevents Corrosion

When bare metal is exposed to the atmosphere, oxidation occurs. It appears as rust on ferrous metals or corrosion on non-ferrous. CorrosionX displaces moisture and prevents corrosion.

Use CorrosionX wherever you want corrosion control without paint or messy wax coatings. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, generators sets and engines a couple of times a year will keeping them looking like new – even in saltwater and coastal environments.  Great for monthly wipe downs on wrought iron fences, stainless grills, fence and gate hardware. CorrosionX also cleans contact points, improves connectivity and restores moisture-damaged electrical and electronic equipment.

One of our customers says “It’s a complete service facility in a can.” A supervisor in a maintenance facility for a major oil company called it an “inventory reducer” because they use it for so many different applications.

The unique formulation of CorrosionX offers a multitude of advantages over conventional lubricants. Because it sticks to metal like a magnet, it cannot be easily displaced by pressure, friction or moisture. It has a lubrication value of 0.4 which is 3 times better than engine oil and outperforms lubricants fortified with PTFE

Not only does CorrosionX lubricate better, it lasts many times longer! This is especially true in outdoor, coastal and marine environments where direct exposure to rain and sea spray will quickly displace ordinary lubricants.

CorrosionX virtually eliminates wear so components such as bearings, davits, sheaves and windlasses stay lubricated longer, run cooler and operate smoother and quieter. The tremendous reduction of heat and friction can greatly increase the efficiency and extend the useful life of machinery and parts. It is ideal for fishing reels and guns.

Do not apply CorrosionX to friction-operated devices such as belts, clutches, brakes, etc.

CorrosionX also penetrates into the tightest seams, lap joints, and around rivets and screws faster and further to protect against corrosion. Corroded or rusted nuts, bolts or fittings can usually be disassembled within a few minutes.

Even items you believe to be hopelessly seized can usually be saved and returned to service.

Watch this time lapse video closely! The Polar Bonding characteristic in CorrosionX defies gravity and climbs up this 3” bolt making it such an incredible penetrant.

Water and electronics don't mix. Until now, there haven't been many options for protecting or restoring electronics from moisture intrusion.

CorrosionX's unique Polar Bonding Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology penetrates and neutralizes oxidation and displaces moisture – often restoring circuitry. In many cases, CorrosionX will revive electrical equipment even after saltwater immersion! With a dielectric strength of more than 30,000 volts/mil, CorrosionX can be applied safely to a variety of electronics and electrical components.

Apply it to power sources, battery terminals, switches, fuse panels, antenna bases, pins and connectors to prevent corrosion and problems caused by moisture contamination. A must for all marine battery terminals, and a mission critical product for drones and all Remote Control hobbyists.

      • Can be applied on wet and corroded surfaces
      • Penetrates to metal surface to drive out moisture, salt crystals and other corrosion-causing electrolytes
      • Forms a strong polar bond, similar to a magnet, with the metal and passivates any metal surface that can oxidize
      • Leaves an ultra thin self-healing dielectric film that disrupts the flow of electrons to prevent corrosion and stop existing corrosion
      • Creeps into all nooks and crannies and inaccessible places
      • Frees frozen parts seized by rust
      • Water proof electronics and electrics
      • 30,000 volts dielectric strength, so it’s safe on wiring, contacts, switches and avionics
      • Cleans contact points and enhances connectivity
      • Can be welded over without causing "splattering"
      • Lubrication value 0.4 which is 3 times better than engine oil. Outperforms lubricants fortified with PTFE
      • Safe on rubber or neoprene, glass, plexiglass, all plastics, all paints, cabling and monofilament
      • Oil-based and contains zero volatile organic content (VOC) compared to other products in the market
      • Nonflammable when not in aerosol form (propellant in aerosol is flammable)
      • Nontoxic, non-carcinogenic
      • No shelf life
      • Meets the U.S. Navy tough, new performance requirement for corrosion prevention and control (MIL-PRF-81309H)

The volatile organic content (VOC) of CorrosionX is now ZERO. Compare that to most products in the spray lubricant category, which can be 50% or more VOC (for example, according to their current Safety Data Sheet, WD-40 is 49.5% solvent). That means CorrosionX is many times more gentle on you, your equipment and the environment.

Before you apply CorrosionX, clean debris from the surface to be treated. In areas where heavy rust and loose scale are present, wire brush first.

How CorrosionX is applied depends on the item to be treated and the user's preference. You can:

      • Spray on to a small to medium surface
      • Use an airless paint sprayer, pump-up sprayer or shop air pressurized system for larger areas like structural components of aircraft. Aircraft treatment centers typically use the Handi-Spray systems
      • Dip or immerse in CorrosionX which is commonly done by remote control hobbyists
      • Wipe down with a cloth on wrought iron fences, stainless grills, fence and gate hardware and small items such as guns and knives

You can spray CorrosionX directly on electronics and electrics without damaging them due to its high-dielectric breakdown strength.

CorrosionX is best applied at typical ambient temperatures. For safety and optimum lubrication and corrosion protection, CorrosionX should not be applied onto hot surfaces; the maximum application temperature should be under 143°C / 200°F. It should not be sprayed into sparks or open flames.

Do not apply to LCDs and membrane switches.
Do not apply to friction-operated devices such as belts, clutches, brakes, etc.

For corrosion protection, leave the CorrosionX on the metal surface for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess. CorrosionX will form a thin film on the metal to provide superior corrosion protection.

For lubrication and corrosion protection, apply a generous amount of CorrosionX to the metal surface. The Corrosion X will form a thin protective film while the remaining CorrosionX provides excellent lubrication.