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NavGuard Type I

Developed to provide military aircraft high-performance, long-lasting, corrosion protection and inhibit growth of mildew.

MIL-PRF-81309G Type I
MIL-PRF-81309G Type II


Preventing corrosion of metals in aircraft, vehicles and structures is a critical priority for the military, especially in harsh environments where humidity, salt, and heat can reduce metal parts to piles of rust. Corrosion is difficult to detect and correct, and disrupts operations. Therefore prevention is usually the most cost-effective treatment. Corrosion preventive compounds (CPCs) are applied into the internal spaces of airframes to combat metal degradation. However, traditional CPCs require repeated applications.

NavGuard was developed as a joint venture between Naval Air Systems Command and Corrosion Technologies to fulfill the need for a longer lasting corrosion prevention film on Navy aircraft metal surfaces while at the same time inhibiting the growth of mildew on the CPC film.

NavGuard Type I is developed with a mildew inhibitor additive.

A test performed by the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center on NavGuard with the mildew inhibitor additives and other selected MIL-C-81309 and MIL-C-85054 qualified products showed that in addition to preventing mold growth, NavGuard CPC film lasts longer than currently used CPC systems. This would translate into longer intervals between CPC treatments on aircraft, reducing down time and maintenance costs and extending the life cycle of aircrafts.

NavGuard was developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-81309 (Corrosion Preventive Compounds, Water Displacing, Ultra-Thin Film) and exceeds those specification requirements. Tests results show that NavGuard lasted three times longer than the 14-day neutral salt fog (ASTM B 117) requirements for aluminum panels. In side-by-side tests with other CPC products, NavGuard products outperformed commercially available competitors by a factor of three on aluminum and steel. This formulation is expected to perform equally well on other corrosion-sensitive surfaces. It has been tested successfully on aluminum, magnesium, and ferrous alloy surfaces.

  • Cost effective formulation from commercially available chemicals
  • A water displacing agent
  • Extremely effective corrosion inhibitor for aluminum, magnesium and steel alloy surfaces
  • Durable coating that provides long-term protection on multiple metal surfaces

  • Fogging can be done using aerosolizing nozzle
  • Low VOC content and environmentally friendly composition
  • Compatible with metal and non-metal components
  • Previously treated surfaces require no removal process

For protection and maintenance of:

  • Commercial and private marine and aircraft
  • Manufactured products with metallic based materials
  • Automotive parts
  • Machining and metal cutting products – coat machined products to protect them from rust while transporting to customers, possibly incorporate into cutting fluid

  • Foundries, casting shops, mini mills products - coat products to protect them from rust while transporting to customers
  • Industrial machinery such as lathes, mill machines, CNC equipment, etc.
  • Military aircraft
  • Naval ships